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Silicon Mix

Silicon Mix Hair Shampoo 16 oz

Silicon Mix Hair Shampoo 16 oz

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🌟Revive and rejuvenate your hair with Silicon Mix's Shampoo! Specially formulated for dry, damaged hair, this 16 oz shampoo contains Silicones, Keratin, and Ceramides to soften and strengthen your locks. Say goodbye to dull, brittle hair and hello to a vibrant, lustrous mane! ✨

💘 Main Perks

  • Specially designed for dry and damaged hair
  • Contains silicones, keratin, and ceramides for softness, strength, and shine
  • Has conditioning agents to protect and replenish hair's natural moisture



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🖊 Instructions Chart 

Wet hair, apply a small amount of Silicon Mix Shampoo and massage into a lather.

Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

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