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Cable-Knit Dropped Shoulder Hooded Cardigan

Cable-Knit Dropped Shoulder Hooded Cardigan

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This Cable-Knit Dropped Shoulder Hooded Cardigan is the perfect 💯 cozy combo of style and comfort! It's made of a delightful blend of materials that make it both warm and breathable, plus it has a moderate stretch so you can move about freely. And you'll be smiling 🤗 every time you throw it on, since it's easy to machine wash and dry too! Slip it on for class or stay casual - the choice is yours! 

💘 Main perk 

  • Pattern Design: Solid
  • Style: Classy, Casual
  • Features: Cable-knit
  • Neckline: Open front
  • Length: Long
  • Sleeve length: Long sleeves
  • Sleeve type: Regular sleeves
  • Material composition: 65% polyester, 35% acrylic
  • Stretch: Moderate stretch
  • Care instructions: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.


🖊  Care Instructions 

Step 1: Gentle Embrace

Give your cardigan the care it deserves. Place it in the washing machine and choose the cold, gentle cycle. This ensures your cardigan's intricate cable knit stays beautifully intact.


Step 2: Delicate Treatment

Pour in a touch of mild detergent – just enough to cleanse without compromising its softness. Let the machine work its magic while you relax.


Step 3: Tender Drying

After the wash, transfer your cardigan to the dryer. Set it to tumble dry on low heat. This gentle drying process maintains the cardigan's shape, so it's ready to drape you in comfort.


Step 4: Swift Rescue

As the dryer completes its cycle, promptly retrieve your cardigan. This swift rescue prevents creases and maintains the cardigan's exquisite form.


Step 5: Hood's Rest

While your cardigan can hang out, it's better to give its hood a break. Avoid hanging it by the hood, ensuring the knit stays undisturbed and pristine.


With these careful steps, your Cable Knit Dropped Shoulder Hooded Cardigan will continue to adorn you with elegance and warmth. Pamper your cardigan, and it will reward you with lasting beauty. Enjoy wearing it time and time again!



📏  Size Chart


Size Bust Sleeve Length Length
Small 39.8 inches 19.1 inches 27.3 inches
Medium 41.7 inches 19.5 inches 28.1 inches
Large 43.7 inches 19.9 inches 28.9 inches
X-Large 45.6 inches 20.3 inches 29.6 inches


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