How To Fix Dry Damage Hair For Men

How To Fix Dry Damage Hair For Men

Hi, Guys welcome back to another blog. One important part of your style that people notice first is your hair. Sadly many people finish with damage hair. 

Today we're going over the basics on how to fix Dry Damage Hair. 

If you're new here Hi my name is Oscar. My job here is to show you about Grooming, Style, and dating advice I learn over the years if you like the sound of that. Let's move on. 

1.Too Much Shampoo:

Guys your hair produces natural oil that protects it. keeping it soft and shiny. Not to mention moisturize. 

The job of the Shampoo is to get rid off all the bad oil, Dirt, & Hair products. That you style your hair with.Only problem it can't tell between good and bad oils so it ends up doing its job a bit too good.


Use a Leave-In Conditioner or just simply leaving a regular hair Conditioner for a full 1 minute before washing it off.

Unlike Shampoo I suggest you don't skip Conditioner this will give your hair more moisture, hydration, & softness.

Leave-In Conditioner  is also pack with nutrients that feed your hair. Helping it grow faster not to mention it protects from sun damage which is a mayor cause of dry hair. 

Pro Tip:

Use high quality products with good ingredients. Otherwise you will get breakouts and acne since your hair might touche your Face/Body skin when washing it.

2. Blow Dry Lese Frequently 

Blow drying after showering is not great for your hair. Since the heat gets rid of the moisture making your hair dry out faster causing it to lose it's color and split ends. This will only lead to damaging your hair.


Unless you're going to a special event let yout hair air dry. This will allows it to retain as much moisture as possible. Leading to less breakage and split ends allowing it to look more smooth and shiny. 

It might not look as good in the moment but understand your hair is improving. It's better to look good when your home than having damage hair during a Special or Important event. 



This third list is one that many guys don't seem to understand yet. 

Hair mask is an easy way to achieve and maintain healthier hair. No matter the length of your hair. 

It feeds nutrients directly into your hair and scalp. Nourishing and hydrating. Protecting it from any further damage. 

Think of it as a deep hair Conditioner. 

Best part you don't need it everyday just once a week. Not to mention you can make your own hair mask at home.

4. You Are What You Eat.

Just like when it comes to body building. It's the same with your hair. You need to eat well and try to be healthy. If you don't eat right your hair won't look right. 

You can try taking supplement in  the form of pills or Gummis. That help you reach that level in vitamins you're missing. My favorite is Biotin since it helps my hair grow longer, faster, and shinier.


Guys If you're still here. Thank You So much for making it to the end. Don't forget to leave your comments below and suggest topics you want to learn about. Until next time see you'll.


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