7 Ways Guys Are Still Dressing Wrong

7 Ways Guys Are Still Dressing Wrong

Hi, guy; today, I'll be bringing you through an exciting topic because I'll talk about seven ways guys are still dressing wrong.

Before I move on, let me make this clear. We are all different people with different styles and cultures. 

So I'll be talking about my perception. My view of style. Base on my experience, culture, and self.

No one can tell you how to dress but you, because it's about your character.

Understand others will judge you by the way you dress. Since again, it says a lot about your character.

With that being said, let's move on. 

7. Dirty Shoes

I don't understand guys with dirty shoes. Your shoes talk a lot louder than your words because it tells people a lot about your character. Think about it you can't go on that particular date or job interview in dirty shoes. 

 If you keep wearing dirty shoes, what do you think people will assume? 

Well, they will assume you're dirty because your shoes are dirty all the time since you'll look rather lazy & sleazy. Since it shows, you don't take care of your things. Look, have some pride in your belongings.

Take care of it. Clean it and represent yourself with head height. 


6. Big Jeans



Never wear jeans that are too big for you or any other pants in general.


#1, you'll end up looking sloppy to other people & not professional. 

#2. When you have big jeans, you usually make the belt tighter correct.?

The only issue with this is you'll end up with extra material in the front, which might give people the wrong impression. 

At this point, you're probably asking Oscar how can I make sure I get the correct size.?  

Well, it's easier than you think. Take two fingers and push them against your hip & your waistband.

If it fits, it's the right size. 🎉

If there's more space, then it's too big.


If you can't fit in your two fingers✌️ then it's too small. 



5. hanging Jeans

Trust me; no one is trying to see back there. 

It only shows people that you are a bum. Lazy and that you don't care about anyone other than yourself. Not to mention there isn't much style there. 

Keep in mind this style started in prison as a way for one male to show others his ready to get tickle back there. 


4. Brand Name

Look, it doesn't make you a better person, nor will you become any cooler. You will still be you with or without branded names. 

Don't just buy it because of the brand name. Only buy it for the right combination of Style, Quality, Comfort, & Price. 

Brands usually tend to excite the price not for the quality instead because of their names. So it is not worth it. Not to mention you're like a walking advertisement giving them money and helping them get known for free. 

 3. Sandals With Socks. 

Look, I know some people like it, and in some cultures, people are even used to it. 

For me, it looks terrible. It messes with your style. It makes you unattractive, not to mention you'll look lazy. 

Sandals are made so your feet can get air when you're hot, but then you go and add socks on them. 

Socks were made to wear shoes, not sandals. 

2. Tight Jeans

Slim-fit pants are excellent. They're great, especially if you go and tailor them to fit your leg since all of us are different in size but when they're too tight. Boy, do they look terrible, especially around the crutch area. When I see people with that boy, can I feel their pain. 


1. Matching The Wrong Colors. 

You got to learn the basics of color matching. Suppose you wear the same color for all your outfits. It's not going to look great unless it is neutral colors. Like black, for example.

I'll go over this topic on colors in my next blog.

When it comes to style, remember this it doesn't matter how expensive your clothes are or how unique the style is. You'll still look terrible if you wear it with an arrogant puffed-up personality. 

The best thing you can wear is confidence & a great personality. 

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