7 Hair Style Rules Every Man Should Follow

7 Hair Style Rules Every Man Should Follow

Look if you want to have luscious, beautiful silky hair day after day. Then you need to follow specific rules. Rules that you can't break at the barbershop. Rules that you can't break when it comes to styling your hair & rules that you cannot break when it comes to the health of your hair. 

Today boys, I'm going to give you seven hair rules most guys don't know, but everybody should be following. If that sounds interesting, then keep reading. 

#1 Let's talk about the sideburns-

Please, guys, do not go with pointy sideburns. You look like Star Trek. Wear off Sideburns are just the best way to go is classic and is always going to look good & you want to end around mid-ear. 

Now My favorite way to go if you have a beard. I'd rather you taper or fade in your sideburns into your beard; that's probably the most stylish way to go, and if you don't have a beard, you can use a fade and just fade out the sideburn entirely and not even have to worry about it. Now you might be asking Oscar what's a skin fade.  I'm glad to ask because this rolls us on to number two. 

#2 Skin Fade Vs. Side Taper-

A taper is when your hair gradually changes from long to short from the top of your head to the bottom. A fade is a shorter version of a taper, except a fade essentially fades out the hair into your hairline until there's no more hair left.

Now they're both awesome and will look good on you probably, but you need to understand how to use them. You see a tapers more classic. You're going to be seen more serious, more mature a fade, in my opinion, is more modern you'll look clean. You'll look crisper as to what to use for your hair type. The general rule of thumb you want to follow will all depend on your coarseness.


If you got coarse hair like African- American hair or even curly and unruly, that is hard to manage. I do not recommend you go with a taper. It will look weird because the side will become poofy, and a fade works ten times better for that style of hair. If you got very straight hair that's easy to manage, a taper would probably look way better on. 

#3 You've got to protect your hair- 

It would be best to use caution and best practices to styling and taking care of your hair. To ensure that your hair remains healthy, luscious and that you get to keep it. Now, most of you don't know this but many guys experience hair thinning or hair loss.

As early as their 20s, when they notice that they have patches or their hair is extremely thin, it's now too late. This is why starting early, making sure you're taken care of your hair, and more importantly, checking it every day is essential because if you see any hair loss, you can take action today. [ Keeps an online website that's revolutionizing male pattern baldness treatment for men because they're making it easy for you to be able to treat this problem online. When it's early to ensure it as I love keeps because they use FDA approved medication that are scientifically backed to help stop hair loss. ]

#4 The side part rule- 

What side should you park your hair on the left side? On the right side or even down the middle. The general rule of thumb is that depending on how your hair naturally lies, that's the side you're going to want to part your hair. So the best way to figure this out is to find your natural cowlick or swirl. Usually located somewhere in the back of your head and see in what direction it swirls, and usually, it'll have a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. So if it has a clockwise swirl, you're going to want to make your hair part on the left side because that's where your hair naturally lies in, and you're going to get a nice sleek look and vice versa 


#5 Never use two in one product- 

Yes, I know it's tempting because it's practical, but bro marketing companies understand how us men work, and they know that we're pragmatic. That's why they make these products knowing that we're going to fall for them and buy them. The truth doe is that in both of these products, the shampoo, and the conditioner cancel themselves out when you put them into a 2-N-1. They end up yielding subpar results for the health of your hair. 

Just think about it this way have you ever seen a 2-N-1 for women? Probably not, and if there is one. It probably has horrible sales because women are smart enough. It would be best if you have a separate shampoo and conditioner. 

#6 Always apply hair styling first before styling your hair- 

So if you have a hair styler, I want you to emulsion it first. Apply it to your wet hair, and then style your hair.  This does two things. One hair styler acts as a protectant, so you're coding your hair to ensure that the heat from the blow dryer doesn't damage your hair. Then number two, the blow dryer is going to melt that clay or paste or whatever you're using to ensure it evenly coats your hair even better; that way, when the hair dries and hardens, it will stay in place.


#7 Never Shampoo every day-

This is a rule nobody should break, even if you got greasy hair. There is a better alternative way that you could do it. You see, if you shampoo your hair every day. Your hair is going to start over-drying. You're going to remove all of its natural minerals and nutrients that it needs to remain healthy, and it's going to be much harder for you to have those good hair days because it's going to be unmanageable.


What you want to do instead is do something like a cleanse, so in other words, you can do shampooing every other day, and those in-between days, instead of using shampoo, use a conditioner. A conditioner is mild again it's used to infuse your hair with hydration while still being able to rinse your hair from dirt products and a minimal amount of grease. That way, your hair remains clean while also remaining hydrated, and that's it. 

I hope you enjoy it and learn. If you did, share our store to keep helping us grow and helping men change their life around. 


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