5 Things Men Do That Woman Hate

5 Things Men Do That Woman Hate

Hi guys, welcome back to the blog. Today we'll be going over five things Men Do that women hate.

Disclaimer- This Blog might offend some people out there; if you're easily offended, scroll away. 


#1 Talking Too Much About Yourself

We all met that one person that only talks about themselves. Not only does this makes the conversation dull but it tells woman's that he's selfish, self-absorbed, & he got an ego that nobody likes.


#2. When A Guy Smells Bad

I get it; we all work hard & get busy at times, but if a guy cannot take ten minutes to shower and put on deodorant. There's something wrong there. 

If you're one of does guys, take a moment to think about how this affects your image around others.

3. Act Different Around Friends 

When a man acts differently in front of his friends, it immediately tells women he cares more about them than her. 

Not to mention he's not trustworthy. 

4. Doesn't Listen

Women hate it when guys don't listen, especially when the guy turn their heads to the other side or just stared at their phone screen as she's talking. 

Instead, when she's talking, look her in the eyes and show her you care what she has to say. 


#5 Men Who Never Laugh

I know there are many personalities out there. I'm a serious person myself, but if you never laugh with a woman, they'll think you hate life or, even worse, that you hate her.

 Alright, guys, we have made it to the end. If you enjoy the topic, hit the like button. Don't forget to leave your request and comments below, and stay tuned. Until next time see you. 

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