7 Tips On How To Be More Attractive

7 Tips On How To Be More Attractive

Hi, Guys welcome back to the blog. Today I'm going over 7 tips on how to look more attractive allowing you to look your best. 

No this doesn't make you less of a man. It shows you respect yourself enough to take good care of yourself. 

This will help you present yourself as more attractive & secure not just for your woman, but for yourself. 

By the way, if you're new here. Hi, my name's Oscar & I'm here to teach you all about fashion, grooming, hair & attraction to help you look & be the best version of yourself. 

With that being said let's move on! 

1. Skin Care

Guys I can't mention enough how important it is to take care of your skin. No lie I've seen old high school friends that are 20 yet look like 40 and up. Why?

Because they didn't take care of their skin.

Go out and buy yourself a good Face Wash, Scrub, Am Sunscreen, Lotion & Eye Serum. 

It has so many benefits less acne, clearer skin, less blackhead more refreshed eyes, etc. 

Trust me it'll be worth it. If you're still not sure which one. Then check out Tiege Hanley that's my favorite.


2. Preventing Bad Breath

Guys bad breath kills attraction instantly. There's nothing more disgusting than going up to somebody & getting that smell.

The worse part is people with bad breath don't notice it since they're used to their bad smell. 

Chew gum it'll help you build that jawline & get rid of that bad smell.

 I don't think I have to say this, but brush your teeth daily, floss, & visit your dentist. 

I'm telling you if you have that white smile. People will notice.  

3. Improve your closet. 

 It takes somebody 5 seconds to assume what your character is by simply looking at you. 

Yes I know we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but sadly that's the world.

So always dress well. Make sure your clothing fits & guys please get rid of them ripped socks and boxers.

Start with neutral colors & from there expand. Find clothes you can match with each other easily.

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Pro Tip- always dress a bit better than the situation require this will help separate you from the crowd. 


4. Smile More

This one I struggle with since before I open up. The people around me must earn my trust, but In all honesty, is already a cruel world out there & most people hate their job/life.


Take a good look around as you walk. How many people do you see jumping off happiness as they head to work? 

By smiling you'll be that light in the dark & people will be naturally attracted to you. There's nothing more attractive than somebody that loves their life & can see the positive in life. 


5. Being Confidence

Guys, how many of you like a girl, and then she chooses a bad boy over you? 

In reality, it's not because they like to get treated badly. The reality is that bad boys have that confidence in themselves & that's attractive.

They are confident enough to take risks, break some rules, say NO, & more importantly they're not needy. 

 So practice on becoming more confident in yourself not for them rather for yourself.

This will help you get taken more seriously as a man & people will respect you. The girls and all that extra stuff will come naturally. 


 6. Stop Using Hair Gel

Hair gel is a known hair product. Many guys feel comfortable using it. The only problem is, many times it will dry your hair & cause flakes. Making your hair look bad & as if you had dandruff. 

Instead, explore & try different hair products for me since my hair is thinning I found out hair cream works best for me. I'll go later on over every type of hair product and what hairstyle are they the best for. 

 7. Smell Good

Oh man if I told you the number of times I'm at work and a guy comes with a really bad odor. 

That's will keep people away and make you look less attractive, lazy, unprofessional not to mention disgusting. 

Wear Deodorant & cologne. Have pride as a man and make sure you smell fresh. 

Another reason to do your best to smell good is Cologne & perfume are amazing honestly they have this amazing ability to connect with people.

Have you ever smelled a fragrance and remember a moment or a place you have been? 

Well, the same applies to this. If you wear cologne for at least 30 days - 60 days when that person smells it she'll automatically be reminded of you and the same applies for men. 

Pro Tip- use stronger cologne in winter than in summer. 

And that is all guys for this Blog. These are the 7 Simple Tips To Look more attractive. 

Don't forget to leave comments down below and if you believe there's anything I miss please let me know. 

Like always see you next time. Stay Safe & Have A Blessed Day. 

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